About Andrea

Andrea has been clairsentient all her life but, assuming that everyone else was too, did nothing about it for a very long time.  Andrea has experienced some tremendously difficult and challenging events in her life and, having learned and grown as a result, eventually had to sit up and take notice of the direction in which she was being guided.


She was a member of the Spiritualist Church for many years and during this time joined the development group and began working on the rostrum.  She really enjoyed this work but was guided away from there and into a more diverse range of skills.  Andrea first began her career in therapies nearly 25 years ago when she began studying and qualified to practice Reiki.  She has, since that time, also qualified to practice Past Life Regression, Tarot, Angel Ray Healing, Chinese face reading, Meditation and Guided Visualisation and is qualified to teach Reiki, Meditation and guided Visualisation.


Andrea now lives and works in North Tyneside and finds it incredibly rewarding meeting and helping people from all walks of life, with a vast range of life issues/situations/questions, to find the right path.  Her unique experiences and skills are utilised to the full to ensure that every person coming for a therapy session in her Newcastle/North Tyneside practice will experience a process which has been individually tailored for them and best meets their needs at that time.



Healing North

West Allotment

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE27 0EP


Email: andrea.bell@healingnorth.co.uk


Tel : 07722 823678

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