Holy Fire Reiki

Reiki is an 'intelligent' healing energy in that it automatically flows to the areas in our bodies where it is needed the most and we do not consciously even have to understand where this is. For example, we might seek a healing session because of chronic back pain, however, not only do we begin to feel immediate relief in this area but we also notice that a headache has been relieved or that a digestive complaint is much better or that we feel more emotionally balanced.


In truth, Reiki can help with any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalance.  It can expedite the healing process for any acute or chronic condition which someone might be experiencing. Reiki supports all medical treatments, interacting with none, and is safe in pregnancy too.  It can also be highly beneficial before and after surgery as well as before, during and after chemotherapy.  It heals quickly and deeply without distress and heals interactions and relationships with others.


Holy Fire Reiki in particular works continuously even when you're not thinking about it and it can spontaneously heal issues as they arise.  It spontaneously provides guidance that is palatable for evey level of life experience.  Holy Fire Reiki also tends to develop all the personality traits beneficial for a healthy person such as love of self and others, kindness, patience, confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, peace and so on.  Once received, Holy Fire Reiki continues to evolve in its effectiveness, one of the benefits of which is a feeling of being loved in a deep, refined and nurturing way.

What Happens During a Treatment

My treatment room is a very calming space with soft lighting and relaxing music.   Here you will be invited to make yourself comfortable either on a treatment table or a comfortable reclining chair with footstool. Reiki is a non invasive treatment so you will remain fully clothed at all times but  I will ask you to close your eyes and let yourself drift with the music and this allows me to focus fully on providing the most effective treatment possible.


I will then place my hands in a specific series of positions above your body and allow the energy to flow through them to where it is most needed.  This is never intrusive but will serve to deepen your sense of relaxation and begin to relieve any stress you are experiencing almost immediately.


Everyone's experiences of Reiki will be different and can vary from feelings of great peace, to feelings of warmth and comfort or even a pleasant tingly sensation.  For some the effects will be immediate whilst for some the benefits may not appear to be apparent for a few days but Reiki always works and the more open to it you are the more intense your experience will be.



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